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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nicholette Pavlevsky, Greg Wright and "Baktar"

I spent 2 hours Sunday (May 15, 2005) at the DFW MUFON meeting sitting through a talk from Nicholette Pavlevsky. She claims to channel an ET named "Baktar". When she has gone into "Trance" she takes questions from the audience as well as from her partner, Greg Wright.

Greg has authored a book called "Who's Who In UFOs And ETs". It is a self-published book that lists many of the personae that were recently listed in the "Top 100 most influential people in Ufology". In the book, "Baktar" makes comments about each of the listings and I was quite surprised at what "Baktar" says.

Did you know that, according to "B", Nick Redfern is an operative whose job it is to spread disinformation about government secrecy. I know, I know, I laughed too. Nick, however, wasn't laughing. He was in attendance and spoke up at the first mention of the book. Paraphrasing he said "Everything written in the book about me is 100% false". I don't remember what the exact response from Greg was (Baktar didn't respond) but it was essentially it must be the truth because Baktar said it.

Also from the book, Phillip Klass is an opponent of Ufology because he is an Abductee, and knows it, but doesn't want to accept it.

There are other such stories in the book.

During the meeting "B" kept referring to Earthlings with the collective pronoun "our" instead of "your". He would use "us" instead of "you". He referred to Cynthia Turnage as "he". Greg quickly corrected "B" because he just happened to have seen Cynthia speak at a UFO symposium in California in the early '90's.

I talked to Greg Wright at dinner after the meeting about the "incident" with Nick. He asked me why Nick didn't continue to discuss what had been written about him during the meeting. I couldn't say for sure but I think it was because Nick was too much of a gentleman to disrupt the meeting.

Here's the kicker. When I defended Nick to Greg, he iterated that I too must be part of the disinformation corp. I iterated back that this "Baktar", if real, could also be spreading disinformation and should not be followed blindly.

Greg said "that's exactly what a someone would say if they were spreading disinformation." I said "That's also what someone would say if they weren't spreading disinformation." Nicholette is fairly knowledgeable of the UFO phenomena which also leads me to believe it is her voice we hear when "Baktar Speaks".

No, I don't think I can accept her as a genuine channeler.