Intergalactic Investigative Reporter

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The UFO Collective Ah the exuberance of youth. The ambition of the young. Every new generation believes they have the answer. Usually they don't. They talk and talk of how the will fix the world around them but usually they just take the old world and wrap it up in a new package. The UFOC is going to fix Ufology, make it respectable. I hope they do. I will lay you odds they don't. As in the old school they will have no control over who chirps the loudest whether it be the Greer's, Salla's, Raelians Adamski's, Oliveira's and all the others who mislead and misdirect. They will always be around to muck up the game. They will throw out the baby with the bath water then refill the tub. The Baby will be gone but by golly the tub will be clean. They can bring in a brand new baby to wash. The old baby be damned. One day, and it will be sooner than they think, they will be the "Old School". There will be a brand new set of youngsters bent on doing everything afresh. Don't get me wrong. I hope they succeed. There is much that needs reworking in Ufology. So far, however, all that the UFOC has done is talk down to and berate those that have been slaving at it for years. They don't really have any idea about how they are going to succeed in their quest. They are blind but believe their eyes are wider open than anyone else's. I think they are in for a big surprise.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sketch of PEW36 Thief

Marvin was coaxed in to sitting down with noted sketch artist Art Bull and here is a composite of what we believe the thief looks like. It is easy to see now that although the thief has duck-like features it is not Zorgrot. If you see this creature do not approach him. He is armed and dangerous. Please contact Scoop at the Red Orb Daily if he is sighted.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I just wanted to note that it was Zorgrot himself who informed me that he had a PEW43 Explosive Space Modulator. Was Marvin in error when he claimed that "That Creature has stolen The PEW36 Explosive Space Modulator"? Link Was it a case of mistaken identity? Remember Marvin would like nothing more than to blow up the Earth. Link1 Link2 I could forsee him trying to blame it on someone else. Zorgrot has stated that he hasn't vaporized anyone. Was my source also in error? Perhaps Zorgrot isn't the fiend I thought he was and I'm beginning to believe that there are more that would do him harm than vice-versa.


It has come to my attention that Zorgrot now has a PEW43 Explosive Space Modulator. He is more dangerous than I thought. Be on the look out for a diminutive duck-like creature that seems to feign friendliness and then vaporize you.

The Adventures Begin

I'm looking for Zorgrot. It is my firm belief the he is here to subjugate the human race. He claims to be on a peaceful mission of exploration but I believe differently. If his mission is peaceful, why did he vaporize the EMT's with the PEW36 Explosive Space Modulator that he stole from Marvin and then steal their ambulance. Zorgrot - After The "Recovery" If you see this creature please contact the Red Orb Daily. Ask for Scoop Jupiter, Ace Intergalactic Investigative Reporter.