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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Aaron C. Donahue debunks latest UFO sighting in Las Vegas by Prophet Yahweh.

Aaron C. Donahue debunks latest UFO sighting in Las Vegas by Prophet Yahweh. This and future UFO evocations by Prophet Yahweh for the cameras will be staged. Distribution Source : ArriveNet Date : Thursday - June 02, 2005 Los Angeles, CA. -- (ArriveNet - Jun 02, 2005) -- Psychic viewers Aaron C. Donahue and his sister Jennifer Sharpe Sunday exposed the current and planned Las Vegas UFO call by �Prophet Yahweh� next month as a blatant hoax designed to ridicule and discredit the Luciferian movement during their May 29th Internet radio show.

Donahue said he believes his radio show and his message has upset some very powerful Christians who are going out of their way to stop the movement through the use of some highly technical theatrics using laser beams and projected images. He said this group got their story portrayed in an ABC News special and on Art Bell�s Coast-to-Coast Radio Show in recent days.

Donahue and Sharpe both used their skills as advanced remote viewers to examine the strange jumping light in the sky as it appeared on the ABC special. They said they found that the image was no more than a projected image from three separate beams, all coming from the ground. �The reason they chose Las Vegas is because the place is a circus. They have the technology to make it happen,� he said.

Donahue said he did a mind probe of Prophet Yahweh and found that the man is sincere. This confused him for a while.

�He isn�t lying to you. He sees UFOs,� Donahue said. �In fact, I really like this guy and I don�t want to belittle him. He really believes he is evoking UFOs.� The problem is that the prophet is being used in a massive fraudulent trick designed to stop the Luciferians. The biggest insult is that Prophet Yahweh puts a Christian slant to his story. He prays before evoking the ships.

�Prophet Yahweh is a small fish,� Donahue said. �It has been very easy to manipulate him. He is a pawn in a very big game. Someone has heard me and they do not like what I have to say. I am stunned at just how far they are willing to go.�

Even though he has been tricked, Yahweh has been well rewarded financially for his part in this hoax. Donahue said that after his appearance on Coast-to-Coast and his television special, a lot of people paid his price of $7.95 to see his coming performance.

It is an old story, said Donahue. �Those who can control your eyeballs can control your brain.�

Aaron can be heard every Sunday on his Internet radio show at Archives of past shows are available to download for free.

Aaron's official website is located at

Answers about the Luciferian movement and other information can be found at


Blogger Terry Groff said...

When I saw that last URL I 'bout fell outta my chair. indeed

and they think Yahweh lacks credibility :-)

Thursday, June 02, 2005 3:22:00 PM

Blogger Kyle said...

Scoop -

I am reluctant to use the same reference twice in one day, but here goes...

As related by Firesign Theater...

"...And from the teeming shores, the wretched refuse came like hungry mosquitos, to the yellow porchlight of freedom..." (or a little tv airtime).

Yahweh the kook gains credibility through endorsement by another kook.

Brilliant!! What else ya got? *LOL*


Friday, July 08, 2005 2:32:00 AM

Blogger Terry Groff said...

I'm still get confused about which "Yahweh" they're talking about.

Friday, July 08, 2005 12:06:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Aaron Donahue has a lot of really great things to say. I appreciate his perspectives on socialism, human origins, mathematics and brain function. He's been spot on with his predictions, it's pretty spooky.

Good post. I suspected that something a little more complicated might be going on with the Prophet Yahweh thing. I mean, if the guy could summon UFOs whenever he wanted to, this would be headline news the world over. Seems like he can only summon one when an interested news crew is on hand...

Anyway, yeah.

Thursday, August 17, 2006 8:33:00 PM


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