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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mysterious Stranger

Today I was paid a visit by a very mysterious person. He would not leave his name and asked that no photos be taken. He handed me an envelope than quickly left making an unusual noise slamming the door on his way out. I tried to follow but he disappeared as mysteriously as he came. He did look vaguely familiar but I couldn't place where I had seen him before. Our resident sketch artist, Art Bull, quickly drew the composite picture at left. If you know this person please contact me here at The Red Orb Daily.

The envelope is the important thing, however. Upon opening I discovered a tape which can be heard here.

Transcript: "I claim this planet in the name of Mars. I'm going to blow it up. That silly place irritates me so."

This is obviously the voice of Marvin but how our stranger got this tape we may never know.

Also included in the envelope was a diagram. It appears to be a pentagram with the letter "M" at each point.

What does this represent?

What planet was Marvin talking about? He has always had a desire to destroy the Earth. Is that his plan? Let's hope that the Caped Avenger can thwart his evil plan whatever it is.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Exclusive audio of Marvin

When Marvin was brought in to do a composite sketch of the PEW-36 thief, one of my informants managed to place a bug in his helmet.

Here is a 26 second audio from what seems to be Marvin in his laboratory. It is obvious that he is up to something sinister but due to some odd interference beginning at about the 17th second it's difficult to determine what his plans are. The bug discontinued working after the interference began.

This audio has a relationship with a mysterious photo passed to Paul Kimbal concerning a possible conspiracy between MJ12, Mac Tonnies and Marvin.

If Mac is involved I'm sure he has either been misinformed by Marvin or has been subjected to a mind altering experiment. He would never willingly get involved... or would he?

Monday, September 05, 2005

5 Monkeys

Subject: Case Study

Start with a cage containing five monkeys. Inside the cage, hang a banana on a string and place a set of stairs under it. Before long, a monkey will go to the stairs and start to climb toward the banana. As soon as he touches the stairs, spray all of the other monkeys with cold water. After a while, another monkey will make an attempt with the same result - all the other monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon, when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it. Now, put away the cold water. Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and wants to climb the stairs. To his surprise and horror, all of the other monkeys attack him. After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs, he will be assaulted.

Next, remove another of the original five monkeys and replace it with a new one. The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm! Likewise, replace a third original monkey with a new one, then a fourth, then a fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked. Most of the monkeys that are beating him have no idea WHY they were not permitted to climb the stairs or why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.

After replacing all of the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys have ever been sprayed with cold water. Nonetheless, no monkey ever again approaches the stairs to try for the banana, Why not? Because as far as they know, that's the way it's always been done around here.

And that, boys and girls, is how company policy begins.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Close encounter revisited

N.H. teen's 1965 sighting became blueprint for UFOs

By Joel Brown, Globe Correspondent  | September 1, 2005

Forty years ago this Saturday, New Hampshire teenager Norman Muscarello walked down a dark country road into weird history. In the wee hours of Sept. 3, 1965, the 18-year-old Muscarello set out to hitchhike home from Amesbury to Exeter. At about 2 a.m., he was walking on a deserted stretch of Route 150 in Kensington, about a half-mile short of the Exeter line. ''Near an open field between two houses, the Thing, as he called it, came out of the sky directly toward him," John G. Fuller later wrote in his best seller, ''Incident at Exeter." ''It was as big as or bigger than a house. It appeared to be 80 to 90 feet in diameter, with brilliant, pulsating red lights around an apparent rim. It wobbled, yawed, and floated toward him. It made no noise whatever."


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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Zorgrot Speaks

Thursday, August 11, 2005

UFO Sightings Down? I Wonder Why.

There has been some talk lately about UFO sightings being down over parts of the world.

What are some of the reasons for this.

  1. Alien Spacecraft really don't exist
  2. Visitations have decreased
  3. People aren't reporting their sightings

I would think that if #1 is true it might seem that sightings would stay at a fairly steady rate if we assume that they are naturally or commonly occurring events.

If #2 is the case then maybe Kang & Kodos have probed all the puny Earthlings that they need and are now on vacation. Or maybe they've focused their attention on another location (geographical, not physiological <g> ). While Winnipeg is reporting that sightings are down, Manitoba is reporting that sightings are up.

But what about #3? Could it be that sightings have remained the same but people just aren't reporting their sightings? What if Ufology is actually working. Could it be that people have become more educated as to what makes a good sighting and aren't bothering to report that anomalous light in the sky. Maybe they are starting to realize that what is really needed is good physical evidence as opposed to their anecdotes and, unable to provide any evidence, they simply don't bother to report the event.

There could be other reasons for the drop in reports but these three are a start.


Monday, July 18, 2005

The Acronym "UFO"

There has much discussed lately about the path of Ufology and how difficult it is to garner serious study from mainstream science. I just wonder sometimes if it isn't the acronym "UFO" itself that is always putting people off of the subject. If you ask someone if they believe in UFOs I can guarantee that the extreme majority will instantly think you are asking if they believe in alien spaceships. I think that maybe it's time to try to retire that word. All serious researchers know that the acronym merely means "Unidentified Flying Objects" but they also know that a very large percentage of these "objects" aren't necessarily objects at all (refracted/reflected light?) or may not even be "flying" (Venus?). I propose using one that has been being used by NARCAP for a long time now. Namely "UAP" or "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena". This is a seemingly catch-all phrase that seems, at least to me, more innocuous then the largely misunderstood "UFO". Ufology may not be able to continue in its present course unless it gets a face-lift.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

For UFO expert, sci-fi is real life

For UFO expert, sci-fi is real life

By Jeremy Meyer
Denver Post Staff Writer
Amid the Aurora History Museum's display of Star Wars Yoda, shown here, and other science fiction items from the past century, the international director of the Mutual UFO Network will talk about UFO sightings from across Colorado. (Special)

Aurora - Two or three times a month, someone in Colorado looks into the sky and sees something he cannot identify.

Often, that's when John Schuessler's group gets a call.

Schuessler, a retired Boeing engineer who moved to Jefferson County, is the international director of the Mutual UFO Network, a 3,000-member nonprofit group that investigates UFO sightings and promotes research on the phenomenon.

His group runs a website on which people can report their experiences and sends investigators to interview people who spy something strange.

"We're not a lot of starry-eyed believers," Schuessler said. "We're a fairly skeptical group. There's no doubt in my mind about UFOs. We have firm evidence of it. We have videotapes. And the testimony by credible people is beyond question. ... Some of the most definitive documentation is by the government - 300,000 documents that all attest to the reality of UFOs."

Schuessler will speak Sunday at the Aurora History Museum, which through Sept. 18 is featuring an exhibit celebrating a century of science fiction.

He will talk about UFO sightings across Colorado - from the storm chaser in Jefferson County who reported a bowling-ball-like object flying out of clouds to a park packed with people who saw a strange craft 500 feet above Lakewood that zoomed straight up.

There seems to be an unending number of sightings in the San Luis Valley.

"They call that the 'mysterious valley,' and I can see why," Schuessler said.

He will explain how his group, in cataloging and investigating UFO sightings around the world, is building a body of evidence that "there is something real (in the skies)."

He added: "It's unusual, it's not ours, and it's something worth looking at."

Perhaps that won't be much of a surprise to the visitors to the museum's popular "Science Fiction Century" exhibit, which opened July 4.

Curator Matt Chasansky worked through various science-fiction groups in the Denver area to build the display, which includes everything from Star Wars costumes to first-edition books by H.G. Wells.

The experience has been an eye- opener for Chasansky, who was never really a sci-fi buff until the exhibit.

"At first I thought (science fiction) was escapism," he said. "People want somewhere that is totally invented that they can separate themselves from."

But he realized it was more reality- based than other pop-culture genres such as horror or fantasy. Science fiction extrapolates actual scientific discovery. For example, Jules Verne's 19th-century stories about moonshots became reality by the 1960s.

Schuessler doesn't see a conflict in talking factually about UFOs at an exhibition of science fiction.

"We are living a real science- fiction situation that most people want to just read about," he said. "It is futuristic stuff. The characteristics of the UFO sightings are beyond our technological capabilities."

Schuessler leaves conjecture - "Who is flying these vehicles?" "Why they are here?" - to the sci-fi buffs.

"They come up with ideas based on reality but beyond reality," he said. "It's where the two merge - reality merges with science fiction."

Monday, June 20, 2005

Stick a fork in Roswell. It's done.

You are probably not going to like it, many will never accept it, but I know one thing, you will not be able to ignore it.

Body Snatchers In The Desert
by Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern's new book will blow the socks off of what you believe about Roswell.

Whatever you believe, you are probably wrong.

This bold new work is a must read for all who are serious about getting to the truth of what happened in Roswell New Mexico in July 1947

Monday, June 13, 2005

"Justified True Belief"?

In a comment in another blog it is suggested that I learn something about "Justified True Belief". That is damn near an oxymoron. Truth is not to be believed it is to be known. Belief is nothing more than a glorified opinion. Belief is the bottom rung of the ladder of truth. Belief and faith are bandied about as if they are the cornerstone of existence. They are the cornerstone of man's attempts to justify his actions. Al-Qaeda believes the more infidels they kill will secure their place in heaven. They have "Justified True Beliefs". George Bush believes that The war in Iraq was justified because Saddam Hussein was not a nice guy. Dubya has "Justified True Beliefs". Belief is the beginning of the search for truth. It is not the end.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Aaron C. Donahue debunks latest UFO sighting in Las Vegas by Prophet Yahweh.

Aaron C. Donahue debunks latest UFO sighting in Las Vegas by Prophet Yahweh. This and future UFO evocations by Prophet Yahweh for the cameras will be staged. Distribution Source : ArriveNet Date : Thursday - June 02, 2005 Los Angeles, CA. -- (ArriveNet - Jun 02, 2005) -- Psychic viewers Aaron C. Donahue and his sister Jennifer Sharpe Sunday exposed the current and planned Las Vegas UFO call by �Prophet Yahweh� next month as a blatant hoax designed to ridicule and discredit the Luciferian movement during their May 29th Internet radio show.

Donahue said he believes his radio show and his message has upset some very powerful Christians who are going out of their way to stop the movement through the use of some highly technical theatrics using laser beams and projected images. He said this group got their story portrayed in an ABC News special and on Art Bell�s Coast-to-Coast Radio Show in recent days.

Donahue and Sharpe both used their skills as advanced remote viewers to examine the strange jumping light in the sky as it appeared on the ABC special. They said they found that the image was no more than a projected image from three separate beams, all coming from the ground. �The reason they chose Las Vegas is because the place is a circus. They have the technology to make it happen,� he said.

Donahue said he did a mind probe of Prophet Yahweh and found that the man is sincere. This confused him for a while.

�He isn�t lying to you. He sees UFOs,� Donahue said. �In fact, I really like this guy and I don�t want to belittle him. He really believes he is evoking UFOs.� The problem is that the prophet is being used in a massive fraudulent trick designed to stop the Luciferians. The biggest insult is that Prophet Yahweh puts a Christian slant to his story. He prays before evoking the ships.

�Prophet Yahweh is a small fish,� Donahue said. �It has been very easy to manipulate him. He is a pawn in a very big game. Someone has heard me and they do not like what I have to say. I am stunned at just how far they are willing to go.�

Even though he has been tricked, Yahweh has been well rewarded financially for his part in this hoax. Donahue said that after his appearance on Coast-to-Coast and his television special, a lot of people paid his price of $7.95 to see his coming performance.

It is an old story, said Donahue. �Those who can control your eyeballs can control your brain.�

Aaron can be heard every Sunday on his Internet radio show at Archives of past shows are available to download for free.

Aaron's official website is located at

Answers about the Luciferian movement and other information can be found at

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Nicholette Pavlevsky, Greg Wright and "Baktar"

I spent 2 hours Sunday (May 15, 2005) at the DFW MUFON meeting sitting through a talk from Nicholette Pavlevsky. She claims to channel an ET named "Baktar". When she has gone into "Trance" she takes questions from the audience as well as from her partner, Greg Wright.

Greg has authored a book called "Who's Who In UFOs And ETs". It is a self-published book that lists many of the personae that were recently listed in the "Top 100 most influential people in Ufology". In the book, "Baktar" makes comments about each of the listings and I was quite surprised at what "Baktar" says.

Did you know that, according to "B", Nick Redfern is an operative whose job it is to spread disinformation about government secrecy. I know, I know, I laughed too. Nick, however, wasn't laughing. He was in attendance and spoke up at the first mention of the book. Paraphrasing he said "Everything written in the book about me is 100% false". I don't remember what the exact response from Greg was (Baktar didn't respond) but it was essentially it must be the truth because Baktar said it.

Also from the book, Phillip Klass is an opponent of Ufology because he is an Abductee, and knows it, but doesn't want to accept it.

There are other such stories in the book.

During the meeting "B" kept referring to Earthlings with the collective pronoun "our" instead of "your". He would use "us" instead of "you". He referred to Cynthia Turnage as "he". Greg quickly corrected "B" because he just happened to have seen Cynthia speak at a UFO symposium in California in the early '90's.

I talked to Greg Wright at dinner after the meeting about the "incident" with Nick. He asked me why Nick didn't continue to discuss what had been written about him during the meeting. I couldn't say for sure but I think it was because Nick was too much of a gentleman to disrupt the meeting.

Here's the kicker. When I defended Nick to Greg, he iterated that I too must be part of the disinformation corp. I iterated back that this "Baktar", if real, could also be spreading disinformation and should not be followed blindly.

Greg said "that's exactly what a someone would say if they were spreading disinformation." I said "That's also what someone would say if they weren't spreading disinformation." Nicholette is fairly knowledgeable of the UFO phenomena which also leads me to believe it is her voice we hear when "Baktar Speaks".

No, I don't think I can accept her as a genuine channeler.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The UFO Collective Ah the exuberance of youth. The ambition of the young. Every new generation believes they have the answer. Usually they don't. They talk and talk of how the will fix the world around them but usually they just take the old world and wrap it up in a new package. The UFOC is going to fix Ufology, make it respectable. I hope they do. I will lay you odds they don't. As in the old school they will have no control over who chirps the loudest whether it be the Greer's, Salla's, Raelians Adamski's, Oliveira's and all the others who mislead and misdirect. They will always be around to muck up the game. They will throw out the baby with the bath water then refill the tub. The Baby will be gone but by golly the tub will be clean. They can bring in a brand new baby to wash. The old baby be damned. One day, and it will be sooner than they think, they will be the "Old School". There will be a brand new set of youngsters bent on doing everything afresh. Don't get me wrong. I hope they succeed. There is much that needs reworking in Ufology. So far, however, all that the UFOC has done is talk down to and berate those that have been slaving at it for years. They don't really have any idea about how they are going to succeed in their quest. They are blind but believe their eyes are wider open than anyone else's. I think they are in for a big surprise.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sketch of PEW36 Thief

Marvin was coaxed in to sitting down with noted sketch artist Art Bull and here is a composite of what we believe the thief looks like. It is easy to see now that although the thief has duck-like features it is not Zorgrot. If you see this creature do not approach him. He is armed and dangerous. Please contact Scoop at the Red Orb Daily if he is sighted.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I just wanted to note that it was Zorgrot himself who informed me that he had a PEW43 Explosive Space Modulator. Was Marvin in error when he claimed that "That Creature has stolen The PEW36 Explosive Space Modulator"? Link Was it a case of mistaken identity? Remember Marvin would like nothing more than to blow up the Earth. Link1 Link2 I could forsee him trying to blame it on someone else. Zorgrot has stated that he hasn't vaporized anyone. Was my source also in error? Perhaps Zorgrot isn't the fiend I thought he was and I'm beginning to believe that there are more that would do him harm than vice-versa.


It has come to my attention that Zorgrot now has a PEW43 Explosive Space Modulator. He is more dangerous than I thought. Be on the look out for a diminutive duck-like creature that seems to feign friendliness and then vaporize you.

The Adventures Begin

I'm looking for Zorgrot. It is my firm belief the he is here to subjugate the human race. He claims to be on a peaceful mission of exploration but I believe differently. If his mission is peaceful, why did he vaporize the EMT's with the PEW36 Explosive Space Modulator that he stole from Marvin and then steal their ambulance. Zorgrot - After The "Recovery" If you see this creature please contact the Red Orb Daily. Ask for Scoop Jupiter, Ace Intergalactic Investigative Reporter.